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Tailored Uniforms in Dubai

Are you launching a new business in the UAE? We understand the levels of excitement and thrill are at their peak right before a new business venture. You want everything to be flawless. From the logo of the business to branding, publicity and physical outlet. Everything has to look picture-perfect before the big inauguration day. This includes the dress code of your employees as well. The staff of a company is always like a family. A uniform costume can tie them together while displaying unity, strength and discipline. Hubsch Costume is a leading uniform manufacturer in the UAE. We offer a variety of services for our clients

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Building Identities with Custom Uniforms

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Custom uniforms can build a unique identity for your business. It can help you be the leader in the market. The attire of your employees is the first thing customers notice the moment they enter your workplace. A single and well-designed costume says a lot about the professionalism and creativity of the business. It also leaves a mark on the minds of customers. Thus help customers recall your brand better. Uniforms can create a beautiful tone for your business. You can communicate the unity and strength of your company to your customers with it. 

Hubsch Costumes is a leading name in the industry. We work day and night to create a unique identity for your brand by supplying beautiful uniforms. We spend hours creating a work costume by adding the right colour, design and fabric that synchronises with your brand value. Our uniforms can become a symbolic representation of your business. This can ultimately lead to a strong connection between you and your customers.  

So what is holding you back? Give your brand a visual identity and form an unbreakable bond with your customers.

Hubsch Costumes- Best Uniform Company In Dubai

Hubsch is a leading name in the costume and uniform designing world. We have staff with years of experience in supplying creative and unique costumes. Our team has worked with various industries ranging from hospitality to education. We have a dedicated team that works day and night to bring the best solution for businesses all across the UAE. We treat each of our clients with love, dedication and passion. We strive hard to make our customers feel satisfied with our quality of work. Our team takes great pride in manufacturing unique work garments for hardworking employees in the country.
We strive to supply perfect uniforms that can bring convenience to their hard and challenging work life. From the quality of fabric to stitching we always keep the comfort of wearers in mind. We believe uniform wearers are the pride of our nation. Their struggle and hard work bring growth and prosperity to our country. Thus at Hubsch, we desire to put our share in the greater good by providing well-designed garments. Contact our team to get tailored uniforms made at the best rates in the UAE

The Perfect Collection

Industries We Serve With Our Custom Uniforms In the UAE


Chef Uniforms

Our nation loves food. Chefs are the masterminds who bring appetite-increasing food to our tables. We know that talented chefs take great pride in wearing their cool uniforms. At Hubsch, we can supply beautifully designed chef uniforms including the apron, the coat and the traditional..


Corporate Uniform

Uniform is considered the essence of the corporate sector. The competitive world of corporate demands to put your best foot forward. Visual is the biggest medium in today’s world. A corporate uniform by Hubsch can help you stand out in the fierce competition. It can..


Coverall Uniform

You are at the right place if you are looking for safe coverall uniforms for your workers. Hubsch Costumes specialises in producing secure costumes for industrial employees. From high-visibility uniforms to flame-resistant apparel we supply it all at Hubsch Costumes. Contact us today to ensure..


Custom Uniforms

Do you want uniforms in different sizes for your employees? Are you looking for custom attires for your corporate team? No matter what design, colour or print you’re looking for. Get connected with Hubsch Costumes to fulfil all your needs. We can help you get..


High-Visibility Uniform

Get high-visibility Uniforms in the UAE by contacting our skilled team. We are a no 1 supplier of safe attires for professional workers in the country. Our uniforms can make sure your team is fully safe while performing their challenging jobs. Contact us now to..


Hospitality Uniform

Hospitality business has a fiercely competitive market. Building a name in a highly-competitive industry can be hard for new businesses. Hubsch Costumes is here to rescue you. Our premium uniform can help you and your team to stand-out…


Hotel Uniform

Are you running a hotel in the UAE? If yes then you must know that a well-designed uniform can enhance customer’s trust in your brand. It can make your staff look professional. Hubsch can produce separate and unique uniforms for each of your teams. We..


Logistic & Transport

Who does not love travelling? We all do. Hubsch appreciates the efforts of hardworking staff in the transport industry who make travel easy and fun for us. From handling luggage to guiding passengers to the seats, transport staff need to be highly visible for 100%..


Maid’s Uniform

Working as a maid can be a tough job that gets little to no recognition. These maids and household staff members are dedicated workers who leave no stone unturned providing excellent services. Hubsch Costumes offers premium quality uniforms customised to cater their needs. Added with..


Medical Uniform

Not all heroes wear capes some style themselves in well-designed scrubs. Doctors and paramedics are our heroes who work day and night to save the lives of people. Hubsch can make them feel comfortable in their attire by supplying soft and relaxing scrubs. We can..


School Uniform

Students are the biggest asset of our nation. We all want to invest in them for a bright future. Students spend most of their time in school and learn a lot from these institutes. Providing them with a well-designed school uniform not only makes them..


Security Uniforms

Security teams are unsung heroes who need love and recognition from society. They leave no stone unturned in providing us with a safe environment. We understand uniforms are like a medal for the security team. They wear it with pride and dedication. At Hubsch, we..


Sports Uniforms

Make a Strong Impression with Our Sports Uniforms Good sports uniforms can allow you to feel positive. This positivity can help athletes perform well in their matches. Hubsch Costumes can design perfect uniforms for such people and can help them make a strong impression on..

Shake Our Hands For A Constructive Partnership

If you are a manager of a newly launched business or are thinking of rebranding your startup. A partnership with Hubsch can prove highly beneficial for you. We can design the best uniform for your work family. This can help create a positive professional environment in your office. Below is the list of reasons that make us one of the best choices in the country.

Industry Tailored Solution

Do you own a hotel? Are you running a private law firm? Or maybe you’re thinking of starting a school? Whatever your industry is, Hubsch got you covered. We can provide tailored solutions for a variety of companies. We have designers who can create the right uniforms for your employees.

Budget-friendly Products

Running a business can be overwhelming especially if you are low on budget. Hubsch is the perfect partner that can offer you cost-effective solutions. You can contact our team to get the best uniforms designed while staying within your budget. These uniforms can also help you grab the attention of ideal customers.

Get repeated alterations

Business owners want to cover various aspects of their brand in the employee uniform. At Hubsch, we can repeatedly alter the design of the costume until it looks perfect to you. You don't have to make a compromise on the idea you have in your mind. Our team will leave no stone unturned in bringing it to life.

Avail timeless designs

Nobody wants to redesign their company uniform every time there is a major change in fashion and trend. Hubsch can help you create a timeless piece that will stay trendy for years to come. We have experienced designers who can create a classic uniform for your business.

Quick & Durable Services

We know you can't wait to bring in the new and creative uniforms for your team members. At Hubsch, we offer quick and reliable services to all our clients. So that you can elevate the charisma of your workplace. Contact our team today to avail our superfast services.

Elevate Your team’s Spirit

We create designs that represent the essence of each profession. We want employees to wear their uniforms with pride and confidence. Such an addition to the work dress code can help elevate the spirit of your team. This can also enhance their productivity.

Our Successful Record as Uniform Suppliers in the UAE

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Supplying Uniforms that Speak for Your Business

The team of Hubsch designs uniforms that speak for brands. Our tailored costumes are works of art that can serve as marketing tools for your business. They can become your brand’s representative when worn by employees in seminars and other public places. These uniforms can act as a free advertising medium. They can help you attract new customers. We design these uniforms keeping the target audience and brand identity of businesses in mind. Thus they can grab the attention of your potential customer at first sight. Contact our team today to level up your marketing game.

Uniform Suppliers with Strong Ideology

Our Mission

  1. We want to be the best uniform supplier in Dubai. So that we can serve people from all sectors.
  2. At Hubsch, we desire to bring the best solution for all our clients by keeping all their needs and preferences in mind.
  3. We want to excel in all fields by offering the best customer support. Our team wants to achieve sustainable practices for a better environment.
  4. We want to empower new startups and big businesses by offering them durable and affordable uniforms.

Our Key Values

  1. Hubsch is a company committed to high-quality work. We never compromise on the service we offer.
  2. Client satisfaction is our no. 1 priority. We leave no stone unturned in facilitating our clients.
  3. We always have honesty and integrity. Our team keeps on setting new standards of success.
  4. At Hubsch, we believe in teamwork. Our staff works together to bring the best outcomes for the clients.


What Our Customers Say?

“Hubsch is the best uniform manufacturer in the UAE. They created beautiful costumes for our team. I own a restaurant and wanted to have a uniform for my staff that could represent the theme of our restaurant. Hubsch came up with very creative ideas. Satisfied with their work.”

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Salim Dawood Customer

"Hübsch is the no. 1 uniform supplier in Dubai. They provide value for money. They created beautiful school uniforms for our students. These uniforms look both professional and elegant. They created perfect uniforms as per my demands. I am very happy with their work.”

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Ibrahim Hairder Customer

“My experience with Hubsch was amazing. They have the best team. I asked them to get sophisticated uniforms for employees at our salon. They did a wonderful job. Not only does the uniform look professional but also captures the essence of our salon. Five stars for amazing efforts.”

Sarah Andrew Customer

“Thank you, Hubsch, for providing the best uniforms for my team. They love their work attire. You guys listened to all my instructions and came up with great costumes. I am happy I found you guys. Hubsch is one of the best uniform shops in Dubai. keep up the good work.”

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James Scott Customer


Hubsch is a leading name as a uniform manufacturer in the UAE. We supply uniforms for a variety of different industries. Our team can tailor uniforms as per your brand. Contact us today to get our services.
School uniforms need to be well-designed to create a unique and creative identity for an institute. Hubsch is a renowned name in the market for supplying a variety of uniforms. You can contact us to get school costumes designed for students.
The procedure for booking an order is very simple at Hubsch. You can contact our staff and mention the details about your business. Our team will respond quickly to place your order.
Businesses want tailored uniforms for their employees. This can help them create a unique identity for their business. At Hubsch, we can supply customised uniforms for a variety of businesses.
Custom uniforms for employees can help you in many ways. It can create a sense of unity and loyalty in your employees. It can help you communicate better with your customers as well. At Hubsch, we offer the best-tailored uniforms in the UAE.

Hubsch Costumes- Leading Uniform Manufacturer in the UAE

Do you know that well-designed uniforms can help businesses create a lasting first impression on their clients? Meet Hubsch Costumes, the best uniform manufacturer in the UAE. We can provide distinctive uniforms for each sector and industry in the country. So what are you waiting for? Create a unique identity in the fierce world of business by hiring our team.
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