Safe & well-protected workwear

tea uniform

Team of Hubsch appreciates all the superheroes fighting from the front including medical staff, fire extinguishers and security guards. They are the guardians of our society and hold a special place in our hearts. We provide premium safety workwear costumes for them to play our part in saving lives.

High visibility uniforms

hotel uniform

From construction workers to utility crew we salute all the individuals who need high-visibility uniforms to maintain their safety. We understand the labour-intensive and sensitive nature of their job. Thus Hubsch works to make things easier for them by supplying secure bright-coloured uniforms in the UAE.

Tailored Design for Each Industry

Gisbert Guerin

Uniform requirements vary from industry to industry and so do the skills of our team at Hubsch Costume. We know the needs of each industry and thus tailor the uniforms accordingly. At Hubsch, we have specialised staff who can customise the uniform as per the brand identity of your business. Our creative designers have years […]

Get Embroidered Logos


Logos are the identity of the business. They allow a business to stand out in a crowd. It is crucial to have your company logo attached to the uniforms of your employees. It will not only allow them to get recognised but can also endorse your brand. At Hubsch, we can make the logo visible […]

Unique and custom prints


Printing provides uniforms with a unique and custom look. We offer a range of printing services to create beautiful designs for each business. From attention-grabbing high-density printing to simple and minimalistic reflective printing. We provide a variety of facilities to our customers.