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The hospitality industry demands high attention from owners. Keeping a check on minor details can allow you to do good in the competitive world. Hubsch Costume helps you to do it by offering premium uniforms for your employees. Contact the best hospitality clothing suppliers to elevate your employee’s personality.
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Supplying Costume for Each Department of the Hospitality Industry

Running hotels, restaurants and cafes can be a challenging task. There are so many teams and departments to handle. All these departments come in contact with guests in one way or another. Thus you need to make sure all these team members look their best. In other words, their physical attire should send a message of discipline, unity and professionalism about your brand. Hubsch can help you by offering the best uniforms in Dubai. From front desk uniforms to uniforms for housekeeping staff, we provide perfect work attire for all these teams

Services offered by Hubsch Costumes: Best hospitality clothing suppliers

Providing Uniforms for the Lodging Sector

Launching a beautiful resort or hotel in a city like Dubai is always a great idea. It can add amazing business opportunities for owners. But the fierce competition in the lodging industry can hold you back from reaching your full potential. In such situations, small gestures for your clients can make a huge difference. Hubsch Costume can help you achieve it by offering beautiful apparel for your clients. These sophisticated hotel staff uniforms can allow you to make a good impression on your guests. And can ultimately lead to more growth in the industry.

Our Professional Uniforms for Food and beverage Industry

Another industry where uniforms might prove very useful is the food and beverage industry. While our nation loves food they also do not want to make a compromise on the quality of food. Hygiene plays an important role in determining the quality of food and beverages. One way of convincing your team about the standard of hygiene and quality can be the neat and clean apparel of your team. From chef to waiter, Hubsch Costume can offer you the best uniforms for your team

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How We Serve the Lodging Industry in Dubai?

Our Services for Food & Beverage Industry

Clean Chef’s Uniforms in Dubai, UAE

Every restaurant has a team of chefs. Their delicious food can gather a crowd of people in your restaurants and cafes. You can further level up the standards of your restaurant by adding a touch of sophistication to the uniforms of your chefs and other employees. Hubsch Costume offers the best Chef’’s uniform in Dubai. Contact us now to get our services.

Special Garments for Barista

Cafe owners know the role of barista. Coffee lovers wander around the city to look for a cafe where their favourite coffee is served. A skilled barista with his coffee can allow you to experience the crazy fan following. But you should always remember your team members are incomplete without a proper uniform. A work attire can complete the graceful look of a barista in your coffee shop.

Professional Waiter’s Costumes

Waiters are one of the most hardworking employees in the food and beverage industry. From providing food to the guest’s tables to noting down orders, they are always working in restaurants, cafes and bars. Customised uniforms by Hubsch Costume can not only help these waiters look more professional but also allow them to feel appreciated.

Work Attires for Bartenders

Do you know most of the customers trust a bar where the bartenders and waiters are well-dressed in sophisticated uniforms? Yes, that's true. A rightly stitched and properly designed uniform for bartenders and other employees can allow your bar to stand out among competitors. At Hubsch Costumes we can provide you with the perfect uniform for your bartenders.

How To Pick the Right Uniform For Your Team

Pick the right fabric

Fabric choice should always be smart. Too thick uniforms might irritate your team members in the scorching summers of Dubai. It can even impact their productivity as well. Thus always pay attention to the fabric of your employees’ uniforms.

Choose colour as per the theme of Your Hotel

The uniform of your team should be able to represent your company, hotel and restaurant. You should pick up the colours for the costume that go well with the overall theme of your business. This will allow it to look balanced.

Get logo customised to uniforms

Lastly, always ask the uniform manufacturing company to design your logo on the uniforms. At Hubsch Costumes we perform this task voluntarily. We ask our customers for their logo and get it printed on the uniforms.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

“Hubch Costumes offers the best services in the UAE. I would highly recommend this team for work attire.”

Gracie Mathew
Farah Usman Customer

“I recently opened a new restaurant in Dubai. They designed uniforms for our chefs, waiters and receptionists. All the costumes were perfect.”

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Mira Yash Customer

“Best job guys. I am very happy with the quality of your work. Thank you for listening to all my instructions.”

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Ryan Jacob Customer


Hubsch Costumes is one of the best hospitality clothing suppliers for chefs in Dubai. We make sure your team looks professional in our work attire.
Yes, at Hubsch Costumes we offer uniforms for front office staff as well. We want your customers to have a perfect first impression of your hotel and restaurants.
Hubsch Costumes is one of the few uniform suppliers that provide uniforms for each department of the hospitality industry. Our team services hotels and restaurants by offering work apparel for phone operators, waiters and room service teams as well.
You can buy guest relations uniforms from Hubsch Costumes at a very reasonable cost. We offer all our services at affordable rates.
Yes, at Hubsch Costumes you can buy housekeeping uniforms as well. Contact us now to make an order.