Find a Vast Collection of Elegant Maid’s Uniform

We provide a vast collection of Maid’s uniforms all across the UAE. You can hire our team to get elegant uniforms designed for your housekeeping team. Order now and make the lives of your staff easier.
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Bringing Comfort In the Lives of House Workers

Hubsch Costume is on a mission to make the lives of housekeeping staff easier and better. We understand the complexity of their jobs and want to play our roles in bringing ease to them. Thus we design these comfortable uniforms for them to ensure they are fully relaxed while serving people.

Choose Hubsch Costumes for Sophisticated Maid’s Uniforms

Always choose Hubsch Costume to get sophisticated uniforms created for your team. We have years of experience in designing and supplying elegant work attire to employees around the country. You can trust our team with maids' uniforms as well. So hurry up, call today and make an order.

House Workers

Maid’s Uniforms Offered at Hubsch Costumes

Why Get Uniforms Designed for Housekeepers

Provides them with a professional look

A uniform is considered a symbol of professionalism and sophistication. It allows workers to look more elegant and well-mannered. These uniforms also indicate the discipline and work ethics of your team. Moreover, such costumes can allow your team to feel more comfortable and relaxed while working.

Allows them to feel appreciated & valued

Workers in the hospitality industry hold a special place in our hearts. Hubsch Costume wants them to feel valued and appreciated. Their jobs can be very challenging and demanding at times. These well-designed uniforms can allow them to feel a sense of belonging to the institute where they are working.

Maintain Standard of Hygiene

Who does not want to follow best hygiene practices? This becomes even more important in the food and beverage or hospitality industries. You face fierce competition in these sectors and your customers demand you to put your best foot forward. Uniforms of your employees can allow them to look neat and meet the standards of hygiene.

Have a favourable impression on guests

To make a strong impression on your guests or clients you need to take care of minute details, from the quality of room services to the manners of your team. All of it can allow you to have a more favourable impression on them. Employee uniforms can play a huge role in achieving it.

Make Customisation to maids' Uniforms

At Hubsch Costume you can customise the maids’ uniforms in the following ways:

Choose the fabric of Your Choice

We provide our customers with the choice to select the fabric. You can pick up a cloth that suits the overall theme of your company. You can also decide by keeping in mind the climate of the UAE. Soft and thin fabric can allow more breathability to your staff and can make work easy for them.

Have a Say in the design of uniforms

We keep our customers in the loop while deciding the design of the uniforms. Our team will share the final draft of the design with you. You can ask them for further alterations as well. We will keep on making changes until you are fully satisfied with the results.

Customise the fittings of work attire

You can guide our team about the fittings of work attires as well. We can tailor the maid’s dress in a variety of sizes. So that all your team members can wear it with comfort. Hubsch Costume facilitates people in every way and delivers well-stitched uniforms to their homes.

Testimonials From Clients

“Very good experience with Hubsch Costume. They provided us with the perfect uniform for our housekeeping team.”

Yasmin Fares Customer

“I called these people to get maids' uniforms designed for my staff. They were super helpful and interactive throughout the process.”

Fares Jamal
Christine Stewart Customer

“Guys I have received the uniforms. They look very good. Thanks for putting so much effort into it.”

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Jamal Faizan Customer


If you’re looking for a good quality uniform for your maids, Hubsch Costume is the perfect choice. We offer our clients a variety of options for alterations as well.

While shopping at Hubsch Costume you don’t have to worry about the cost of uniforms. We offer all our services at pretty reasonable rates.

Yes, we provide uniforms for nannies, maids and other housekeeping staff. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority at Hubsch Costume. You can choose us for professional services.
A maid’s uniform looks more professional and sophisticated than casual wear. It also offers them more comfort while working.
A House maid’s uniform can allow them to look more sophisticated and elegant. It allows others to know the rank of these ladies in a home.