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Uniforms are a must for medical workers. They protect the healthcare team and patients from getting infected. These medical uniforms need to be perfectly designed for better functionality. At Hubsch Costumes, we put in great effort and come up with well-protected uniforms for doctors and nurses. Contact us today to get the best garments for your medical team.
Medical Uniform

Creating Medical Uniforms for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers including doctors and paramedics are the life saviour who deserve appreciation and recognition for their hard work and passion. They put their lives at risk and bring convenience to others. These superheroes wear their uniforms with a dedication to support a positive environment in the hospital and other healthcare facilities. Hubsch Costumes wants to play its part in saving lives by facilitating these caregivers. We are in the business of making and delivering durable uniforms all across the UAE. So if you're running a medical facility in contact Hubsch Costumes to get comfortable uniforms in UAE designed for your lifesaving team.

Bringing Comfort with our Medical Uniforms

At Hubsch Costumes we strive hard to bring convenience and comfort in the lives of passionate teams working in different industries, such as the hospitality industry.The healthcare workers and paramedics are especially very close to our hearts. We understand the challenges of the everyday work lives of these caregivers. Thus we desire to bring ease and relaxation to their busy schedules. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists spend most of their time in their uniforms. Soft and comfortable uniforms and scrubs can make work convenient for them. Thus they can feel refreshed and can serve humanity with enthusiasm and passion. So prioritise the comfort of your medical staff by getting our services today.

Medical Uniform

Range of Medical Uniforms Designed at Hubsch Costumes

Our Medical Uniform Includes

Hospital branding and logo printing

Medical uniforms are like an identity for hospitals and healthcare facilities. These garments can be a source of branding for an institute. Thus we provide logo designing services at Hubsch Costumes. Our team can carve your brand’s logo on the uniform to make it look more personalised

Customising uniforms for each team

Lives are at stake in a hospital all the time. Medical staff need to have strong communication to ensure the safety of patients. At Hubsch Costumes we design different sets of uniforms for each department/ team for the convenience of both the patients and management.

On-time delivery of scrubs & uniforms

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry. It demands workers to be highly efficient and vigilant all the time. Thus the medical staff always needs to be ready to tackle the challenges. At Hubsch Costumes, we understand the needs and offer quick delivery services.

How to Pick the Right Medical Uniform for Your Staff

Below is a list of instructions that should be kept in mind before selecting a medical uniform for your team

Prioritise the Comfort of Your Team

Never make a compromise on the comfort of your team. No matter how much you admire a design, reject it if it can cause inconvenience for your staff. People often pick black scrubs for their team. It absorbs heat and makes work hard for the staff in a city like Dubai

Always Pick a Professional Design

Professionalism should never be ignored while picking a design or colour for medical uniforms. Too bright colours and heavy designs can look inappropriate for a healthcare facility. Single-tone and light shades can look appealing to the eyes of patients as well.

Select a high-quality fabric for durability

Always pick a durable fabric. You do not want your employees to keep on getting new sets. Select the cloth that can stand repeated washing and exposure to chemicals. Such uniforms will not only help you in the long run but will allow your team to appear professional.

Choose a design suitable for every season

Try to look for a fabric that suits well for each season. In the UAE, summer usually dominates. So never invest in a uniform that is too thick for the climate of the city. Pick light & breathable material so that your staff can work with comfort.

Words of Appreciation from Our Clients

"Hubsch Costumes is a trusted name in the uniform manufacturing industry. I recently opened my private clinic and thus needed uniforms for my team members. They created unique and comfortable designs for each team. I appreciate their passion towards the work.”

Gracie Mathew
Gracie Mathew Customer

“Hubsch Costumes is an amazing uniform manufacturing company in the UAE. They offer quick delivery services. I needed my team’s uniform before the launch date. They not only got the designs ready but also supplied the scrubs in bulk. I am happy with their fast and reliable services.”

Andrea Denver Customer

“Thank You team Hubsch Costumes. They were very patient with me throughout the process of designing. I made some alterations to the design at the last moment and they were okay with it. Their designers provided me with the perfect scrubs for my staff.”

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Faizan Mustapha Customer


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