Make a Strong Impression with Our Sports Uniforms

Good sports uniforms can allow you to feel positive. This positivity can help athletes perform well in their matches. Hubsch Costumes can design perfect uniforms for such people and can help them make a strong impression on others. Contact now to make your mark in the world of sports.
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Creating Identities for Athletes Around the Country

Appearing for the first time on the ground is the most important moment in the lives of sportsmen. They wait all their lives for this instant. It allows them to live their dreams. This first chance can make or break the lives of these athletes. They can either be another remarkable name in history by giving an outstanding performance. Or they can end up being a mediocre name in the world of sports. In such a challenging situation, their uniform can be a source of strength and power. A uniform that captures the true essence of sports can remind them of their passion for the game. It can boost their confidence and elevate their levels of success. Hubsch understands its importance and provides a uniform that offers sportsmen with a personal touch,, collaborating with top-notch uniform suppliers to ensure quality and performance.

What Sports Uniforms We Provide?

How Do We Customise These Sports Uniforms?

At Hubsch Costumes we offer our clients a variety of customisation options. Using these facilities you can add personal touch to your sports jerseys.

Designing logos on the uniforms

Professional athletes playing for teams can get their logo printed on uniforms. Our team is highly creative. They can place logos on the perfect area so that it will give a professional appearance. You can also ask our team to design the logo and theme of the team's uniform from scratch.

Adding name and number of player

Uniforms are like identity cards for players. It needs to have their names and shirt numbers added to it. So that athletes can be recognised by their fans sitting far away in the stadium. Hubsch Costumes can perfectly add each member's name and number on their uniform.

Creating the right colour for these kits

Each team has a specific theme that they follow. It separates them from the rest of their competitors in sports. Hubsch Costumes understands the importance of this theme. Thus we try to design a uniform while incorporating theme colours of the customer's team.

Using Professional Font for Text

From the sponsor's logo, the player's name and shirt number, a lot of text has to be included in the uniforms. The font style for this text should be rightly-adjusted for an aesthetic appearance. Our designers know the details of typography and can use the right font as per the theme of your uniform.

What Other Industries We Serve?

Well-protected uniforms for Medical Staff

The experts at Hubsch Costumes offer perfect scrubs, gowns, masks and other necessary items for medical staff. If you're running a healthcare facility you can contact our team to get professional medical uniforms designed.

Work attire for Corporate Employees

Making a name in the corporate industry demands attention to detail. This includes a special focus on the work costumes of your team. A single uniform can present a beautiful portrait of unity and discipline in the customer's mind. Hubsch offers you the perfect office attire in UAE.

Safety Vests for Industrial Workers

The jobs of industrial workers can be hard. Their work can put them in risky situations. To avoid getting hurt in such a situation, they must be provided with safety apparel. At Hubsch, we offer a variety of such uniforms.

Uniforms for the hospitality industry

At Hubsch we also serve the hospitality industry as well. Our expert team can provide a variety of uniforms for different departments within the hospitality sector. You can contact our team to get uniforms designed for chefs, waiters, guest relation team and housekeeping staff.


“Hubsch Costumes designed the best uniforms for our school's football team. Thumbs up from my side.”

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Stephany House Customer

“5 stars from Hubsch. They were patient with me throughout the process of designing uniforms.”

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Ibrahim Salman Customer

“I just received the golf uniforms and they look amazing. Excited for the golf game this weekend.”

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Jacob Andrew Customer


Hubsch Costumes offers the best sports apparel for people in Dubai. Contact us now to get our services.
Yes, we provide jerseys for all sports including football, cricket and car racing.
You can contact Hubsch Costumes to design the best sports uniform for your school’s students.
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Hubsch Costumes offers uniform manufacturing for a variety of other industries including the corporate sector and medical staff.