Custom Uniforms

Do you want uniforms in different sizes for your employees? Are you looking for custom attires for your corporate team? No matter what design, colour or print you’re looking for. Get connected with Hubsch Costumes to fulfil all your needs. We can help you get a range of customisation options in the UAE. contact our team today to get premium services in the country

High-Visibility Uniform

Get high-visibility Uniforms in the UAE by contacting our skilled team. We are a no 1 supplier of safe attires for professional workers in the country. Our uniforms can make sure your team is fully safe while performing their challenging jobs. Contact us now to provide a safe environment for your employees.

Sports Uniforms

Make a Strong Impression with Our Sports Uniforms Good sports uniforms can allow you to feel positive. This positivity can help athletes perform well in their matches. Hubsch Costumes can design perfect uniforms for such people and can help them make a strong impression on others. Contact now to make your mark in the world […]

Hospitality Uniform

Hospitality business has a fiercely competitive market. Building a name in a highly-competitive industry can be hard for new businesses. Hubsch Costumes is here to rescue you. Our premium uniform can help you and your team to stand-out.

Coverall Uniform

You are at the right place if you are looking for safe coverall uniforms for your workers. Hubsch Costumes specialises in producing secure costumes for industrial employees. From high-visibility uniforms to flame-resistant apparel we supply it all at Hubsch Costumes. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your valued team.

Maid’s Uniform

Working as a maid can be a tough job that gets little to no recognition. These maids and household staff members are dedicated workers who leave no stone unturned providing excellent services. Hubsch Costumes offers premium quality uniforms customised to cater their needs. Added with pockets it can facilitate the challenging process of cleaning and sweeping

Security Uniforms

Security teams are unsung heroes who need love and recognition from society. They leave no stone unturned in providing us with a safe environment. We understand uniforms are like a medal for the security team. They wear it with pride and dedication. At Hubsch, we design cool security uniforms for our heroes to express our gratitude and appreciation towards them.

Chef Uniforms

Our nation loves food. Chefs are the masterminds who bring appetite-increasing food to our tables. We know that talented chefs take great pride in wearing their cool uniforms. At Hubsch, we can supply beautifully designed chef uniforms including the apron, the coat and the traditional hat. Your chef can breathe in comfortably in our uniforms while trying the new recipe for your customers.

Logistic & Transport

Who does not love travelling? We all do. Hubsch appreciates the efforts of hardworking staff in the transport industry who make travel easy and fun for us. From handling luggage to guiding passengers to the seats, transport staff need to be highly visible for 100% customer satisfaction. We can design the best uniforms for the transport workers so that they can serve people around them with comfort.

Hotel Uniform

Are you running a hotel in the UAE? If yes then you must know that a well-designed uniform can enhance customer’s trust in your brand. It can make your staff look professional. Hubsch can produce separate and unique uniforms for each of your teams. We can design beautiful workwear for the chef, cleaning staff and reception team.